Every scientist agrees that mind, body and emotions work together to create how we feel, how we perform and ultimately who we are.  But, 21st century living can be very stressful, with ever increasing demands of work, family and finances, life can be tough and its easy to develop bad emotional habits. So is it any wonder that our health is suffering in this stressful environment.  Scientists now agree that the benefits of mindfulness techniques can help relieve the physical symptoms of many physical problems and by resolving dis-stress we can;

  • lower blood pressure,
  • reduce heart disease susceptibility,
  • reduce chronic pain,
  • improve sleep,
  • alleviate digestive and gastro problems
  • treat depression
  • relieve anxiety

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to calm the ‘noise’  in their heads, to find some peace from the madness of modern living, and to claim back their lives and live it to the full.  Each workshop begins with gentle stretching exercises and ends with relaxation.